About Ricki Rum

Sustainable swimwear inspired by New England Summers & our love for the ocean

Ricki Rum was born as a tribute to the fleeting beauty of New England summers and has since evolved into our commitment to preserving the ocean that we love so dearly. 

Frustrated with most swimwear options being poor in quality, too expensive, or harsh on the planet, founders Lauren and Marissa set out to create high-quality swimwear that combines style and sustainability. 

Love for your body 

As east coasters, we have a particular mindset: During the precious summer months that come once a year, living every minute to the fullest takes priority. Why should your swimsuit get in the way of that? Our swimsuits are crafted using high-quality materials and designed to flatter your unique shape, so you can spend less time worrying about how you look, and more time savoring every moment.  

Love for your planet 

Our swimsuits are made with recycled ocean waste (yes, your suit was once a water bottle!), making them an eco-friendly choice that helps leave the planet better than we found it. Small steps make a big difference, we’re committed to making a positive impact with every suit we sell.

Love for the coast 

As native Rhode Islanders, our founders have a deep-rooted connection to the ocean that’s practically in their DNA. That’s why our swimsuits are named after the beaches and coastal towns we’ve fallen head over heels for, both at home and in our travels.

A Note on the Name 

Oh, and where did the name ‘Ricki Rum’ come from? It’s actually the nickname of co-founder Lauren’s father, a combination of his first name and the street he lived on for years. Our logo is designed in his handwriting, one of the many ways his inspiration is woven into our business. He left the world better than he found it before he passed away, and that’s exactly what he reminds us to do every day.

Let your swimsuit be the first thing they notice, and the last thing on your mind

The Functionality

 We want you to wear Ricki Rum summer after summer. Beyond being high-quality, our suits combine trendiness with timeless silhouettes so you’ll never go out of style.

The Fit

No fussing, fixing, or constant adjusting. Our suits are designed to fit perfectly, so you can focus on enjoying those fleeting summer beach days.

The Fabric

Our suits are eco-friendly and figure-flattering, too. We collaborate with a manufacturer that uses premium materials, creating a luxurious look and feel.